I am a Seattle Corporate photographer who specializes in Studio and Location portraits.

I believe I have an abundance of the three most needed things in a photographer. The first being that I love working with people and bring a great attitude to help those in front of my camera relax. I love what I do and I love helping people look their best.

You can only accomplish this if you are technically proficient enough to maneuver the camera, lighting, audio, and gear as second nature. I can truly forget about the gear and focus on you to make sure we're achieving what we set out to capture.

Last is the gear I bring. I do not compromise on solutions that create the image nor do I compromise on practices that make the back end of handling the images as seamless and easy as possible. I bring a 17" laptop to every shoot to check our work when shooting headshots or group photographs. This means, zero surprises and we can take more photos if we didn't nail it the first time. Furthermore, you're able to choose your images right then and there. No emails back and forth, and you have a professional to help you navigate the many photographs taken. This means a much faster turnaround for your images.

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